Our Philosophy

We were taught to believe that our country is named after a line, Latitude 0, that divides the world into two hemispheres. But we prefer to believe that when the Equator touches the equinoctial line, instead of dividing us, it becomes something magical that unites us. Like a powerful and invisible thread that threads our four regions in the precious necklace of a Common Identity.

Our food

In Quitu we cook with native ingredients from farmers, fishermen and artisans from all regions of the country. We value the uniqueness and amazing quality of each of our products and turn them into an experience that shows the flavors and textures of our land.

We will customize the tasting according to our daily supply and all the dietary restrictions and preferences of each of our guests.

  • 5-course tasting menu - $40
  • 8-course tasting menu - $60  

Attention Schedule

We are waiting for you at our premises from Monday to Saturday for lunch and dinner, always with a reservation.

We accept reservations 3 months in advance, up to 24 hours before the desired time.

For group reservations of more than 12 people text us at +593 98 801 4993 or jsp@outlook.com


Toledo N24-492 y Francisco Salazar, La Floresta

Quito, Ecuador